Maine Coloring Pages

Midcoast Maine Lighthouses to Paint or Color
Maine Lighthouse Drawings
Four Lighthouse Brush and Ink Drawings

Lighthouse Coloring Pages

Owls Head Light, Owls Head, Maine
Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde, Maine
Rockland Breakwater Light, Rockland, Maine
Curtis Island Light, Camden, Maine

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Mona Lisa Drawing to Color
Mona Lisa drawing
"Mona Lisa" after Leonardo Da Vinci, by Catinka Knoth
Mona Lisa Coloring Page from Dover Books

Catinka Knoth - Maine Watercolors

Animal and Maine Coloring Pages and Templates

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Animal Coloring Pages

Here are my animal drawings of cats, dogs, bears, and more, to color and paint. Have fun coloring!

You can also try your hand at drawing them yourself. Click the titles for the images and print them out. Make sure to include credit for the use of the art: ©Catinka Knoth - Linking directly to my images is not permitted. Contact me if you would like to display them on a webpage.

Cats Coloring Pages
cat coloring page
Happy Birthday Cat and Dog in Sailboat
cat coloring page
Setting the Table
More Cats Coloring Pages

Owl Coloring Pages

More owl pictures to color

Bear Coloring Pages
bears ink drawing
Bears Fishing
bears ink drawing Bears Reading
More Bears Coloring Pages

Seasonal Coloring Pages

Spring Watch - Cat, Rabbit and Duck watch a hatching egg
Lamb drawings to color or draw from.

Halloween Fun Page

Halloween Cats to Color
Halloween Coloring Pages
Cats, Pumpkins, Witches

Halloween Coloring Pages
Witch Flying Past the Moon
Cats Carving Pumpkin
Witch's Brew
Cats with Jack-O-Lantern


dog-sled team
Dog-Sled Team Coloring Page

Winter Cats
Winter Cats Coloring Pages
Cats Doing Winter Sports

Winter Cats Coloring Pages
These are the same as above but I'm working on converting them to gif files.
Cats Skating
Two Cats and a Dog Sledding
Four Cats Sledding

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