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Pen, brush and ink drawings, and watercolors for Halloween by Catinka Knoth

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Have fun coloring my Halloween drawings. There are witches, cats, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and owls for you to color or paint. See if you can draw them yourself freehand. Make sure to give proper credit. These are for personal use. Contact me to arrange for other usage. Click the titles for the enlarged views.

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Posters, prints, totebags, cards, tee-shirts of this Halloween flying witch silhouette ink painting.
halloween flying witch silhouette

My Halloween Coloring Pages:
free halloween coloring page from catinkacards.com ©2006 Catinka Knoth All Rights Reserved
Flying Witch Across the Moon
Cats Carving Pumpkins
Witch Brew
Cat and Jack-O-Lantern
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Catinka's Halloween coloring booklet on my Etsy:
Printable pdf

Halloween digital download coloring booklet

Links to Fun Halloween Stuff:

How to Make Glow in the Dark Spider Webs from National Geographic.
Halloween Origami - paperfold a ghost, pumpkin, bat, dracula, from Activity Village.
Tunes from the Crypt from WGUC 90.9 FM Spooky Halloween music, CD available.
Make a Bat and Witch Mobile from National Geographic.
Pumpkin Carving Tips from National Geographic
The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows from the American Folklife Center.
Halloween Traditions at Wikipedia
Halloween Origami at Sarah's Designs. Diagrams on a separate page. Jack-o-lantern, bat, witch hat.
More Halloween origami, paper models and things to make:

Anita's Origami has a lot of spooky characters, like a hungry bat, Count Dracula, Halloween cat, twin dancing skeletons, ghostly reaper, Aunt and Uncle Skullsy, for advanced paper folders. Scroll down the list of diagrams for the Halloween models.

From Origami-Club.com Jack-o-lantern, bat, ghost, flying witch, dracula in diagrams and flash anime versions.

Choose black cat or orange preprinted origami cats at Tammy Yee's.

Canon 3D Papercraft has downloadable pdf printable colored patterns to make: a witches hat to wear, 509 kb pdf; pumpkin, 395 kb pdf; and a Halloween evening diorama, 1118kb pdf.

Fascinating tutorial on how to create your own pumkin carving patterns in Adobe Photoshop, using your own photos and images. Lots of examples of the author's own pumpkins as well as some free templates. Amazing stuff.

pumpkin watercolor by Catinka Knoth painting of black cats and jack-o-lantern

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