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"Wildflower Cove Invention" - two up printable notecard to download

Easter coloring Frenchfold notecard printable pdf to download

Easter coloring card art by Catinka Knoth
Print on regular paper. Fold in half, and half again, so that the drawing is on the front panel. You can also print it on card stock and trim your paper in half. Or, put your page through the printer again so the card reprints on the other half. Then you will have two notecards!

Two free coloring book pdf's to download! Demonstration animal drawings and a selection of Christmas angel, animals, & poems. All art and poems by Catinka Knoth

Download Catinka's Animal Coloring Book, pdf

animal coloring book cover

Download Catinka's Christmas Angels, Animals, & Poems Coloring Book, pdf
Christmas angel and poem