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Catinka's Studio

Artistic Statement, Purpose

I want to explore my inner and outer worlds, express and share these explorations, and inspire people to develop their own creative abilities. One of our challenges in these modern times is to remember we are part of Life, magnificent Life, part of a Whole, and not just cogs in a machine. I want to honor and celebrate the unique expressions of the individual (whether myself or a student's) while at the same time building harmony and unity in our lives. I want you to enjoy seeing my artwork and using my cards and prints and coloring pages.

Contact Information

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Catinka Knoth
241 Broadway, Apt B
Rockland, Maine 04841

Directions and Map

From Thomaston-
Park St. (Rt 1) into Rockland.
Left at Broadway (1A) (the light at the fire station).
Continue to
241 Broadway, Apt B (Rockland)
A big dark brown shingled five unit apartment house, with no front entrance, on the east(ocean) side of Broadway.
The building is one house south of Summer St., and just north of Walker Pl., (Walker is one street north of Beech St. and Beech St. is north of Limerock, which has a light at the intersection)
Driveway is to the right (South) of the house and leads to a parking lot out back. Park closer to far side side of parking lot if possible - I worry whether other tenants are fussy about visitor vehicles, if it is for a class. My entrance is on the sideporch on the North face of the building. It is reached by a little boardwalk on the right as you face the building from the parking lot. You may barely see this tucked away behind a propane tank.
The door will hopefully be unlocked before you get there - or ring the bell. I am upstairs!

Map to my house and Rockland Library
See written directions to house

On Broadway, Rockland Maine
241 Broadway, Rockland Maine
241 Broadway, where I moved to October, 2010

A Maine House

on Pleasant St. Rockland, Maine
house in Rockland Maine photo
the apartment house where I used to live, (having moved October 2010!)

A Teaching Studio

My former teaching studio at Lincoln St. Center
photo of studio
where I used to hold my classes

Maine Lobster Festival - 2005
Maine Lobster Festival photo
I had a booth in the Art Tent

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