Penguin Art Lesson by Catinka Knoth

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Find reference pictures of penguins at Do some direct painting practice of the penguins. Try to paint the black shapes as whole shapes without outlining first. Then cut out groups of two to three penguins working freehand (no drawing).It is easier to cut from right to left if you are right handed I find. I like to have what I'm cutting away be on the right of the scissors and the whole (the object) on the left, the holding hand. Use a darker paper. Make the groups different scales from each other. Play with positioning these groups on white paper to make different compositions. The different scale is to give a spatial illusion. Do some direct painting of your compositions. Work one of these up into a painting. I started my direct painting of the papercut arrangement and found myself making up the rest of the painting as I went along. It is all painted freehand on the practice paper. Lots of fun.
penguin art
Penguins brush drawing 1
penguin art
Penguins brush drawing 2
penguin papercut
Penguin papercut arrangement
penguin art
Penguins ink painting

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