Mardi Gras Coloring Pages by Catinka Knoth

Brush and ink drawings for Mardi Gras and Carnevale. Feathered masks, beads, and revelers in costume to paint or color.

Get out your colored pencils, crayons and paints and have fun coloring or painting my Mardi Gras drawings. Click the captions for pages to print out.

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mardi gras coloring page
Masquerade Costumes of Venice Carnevale
mardi gras coloring page
Doctor of the Plaque and Harlequins

'Mardi Gras' means 'Fat Tuesday', in French. It falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent in Christian religions. Lent is a period of 40 days penitence before Easter. One is to give up something during this time. The Catholic tradition is to give up eating meat, except fish, hence the last time to indulge is on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras. 'Carne' is Latin for 'meat'. Our modern day 'carnivals' come from this time of wild and raucous celebrations, with people masquerading in costumes and masks before having to give up meat for Lent. In Europe and South America this period of prelenten celebrating is called 'Carnevale'. New Orleans uses the french name Mardi Gras from French traditions of its original settlers. The celebrating starts several weeks before Lent and culminates as midnight turns into Ash Wednesday. The Anglican Church calls this Shrove Tuesday. Learn more about Carnavale around the World at the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

mardi gras coloring page
Masks and Beads
mardi gras coloring page
Masked Reveler
mardi gras coloring page
Feathered Masks
mardi gras watercolor

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