Potato & Spinach with Cheddar Cheese Recipe

by Catinka Knoth

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This recipe for one, is all mine and is one of my staples. I started making it last winter and found it so tasty and so easy that I have been eating it for dinner for nine months almost every night now. As a single person I need uncomplicated, quick, easy, very tasty and healthy foods to cook if I am going to cook at all. This has become almost a game to see how long I can go on enjoying it for. It almost seems like I enjoy it more now than when I first started making it. It qualifies as 'comfort food'. I have often burned the potato but it still tastes good.

ingredientsIngredients: Smooth skin potato (red or gold) quartered and sliced, frozen spinach, sharp cheddar cheese, wine vinegar. potatoes cooking Water is about halfway to top of potatoes
potatoes with spinach and cheese Ready to eat. (I often make this with two potatoes).Cook potato in small pot with lid ajar over low flame. Try not to burn it. When potato is done add the spinach and vinegar. Vinegar amount depends on quantity and size of potato(es): 1-2 soupspoons (about 4 teaspoons). Push spinach to bottom and center of pot. Cover and steam til spinach is done. Turn off heat, lay cheese on top, cover til melted. Spoon into dish and salt to taste while stirring it all up. It will need some salt because it was cooked without any.
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