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Saturday, 5 May 2012
Thoughts on Tech, Modern Life
Topic: Life

Tech as convenience is a big myth and/or hoax. What it is tho, is the means we currently use to connect over distance/space and/or time. We may some day return to intuition/esp/dreaming as our means of connecting. But for now we as a collective are fascinated with the path of objects/tech as our way.
I disapprove but have realized it is the story/the language i find myself in - so now let us just get on with making magic with whatever is on hand. Remember a piano, a guitar, an ice rink in the summer, a swimming pool in winter, a phone, a boat, are all 'tech'. They are all also necessarily on a continuum of needing to be endlessly changing just to keep our interest - to keep the economic machines rolling!!!


(Recent Facebook comment - CK)

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 6:22 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012
Why we should not be using social media (Facebook, Twitter) - Hah!
Topic: Life

Eben Moglen, a digital privacy advocate, chastises the reporter in this interview on how we all need to stop using social media. Each social media post we make creates a record of our movements and encourages others to make such records. This results in bigger and bigger central databases that amount to a massive spy/surveillance system far worse than any KGB or what-have-you. Got me scared enough to post here to my blog instead of right to FB.

The next question is to what degree does one trust that things will just end up working out ok, or should one really worry about these issues. So far, I  figured our info is all out there in cyberspace anyway - everytime we use a credit card, or debit card we leave a trail. Just watch a crime show and see how they find the criminals. Had not really thought in terms of 'the powers that be' and their possible exploitation of such records.

Not sure I have the guts to stop using social media. 


Posted by Catinka Knoth at 2:22 PM EST
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Sunday, 19 June 2011
Father's Day and More on Barbecue - some quickie watercolor cards.
Topic: Life
Father's Day painting by Catinka Knoth

This painting for Father's Day is a spin-off from the project we did this week in kids' art class.

A quickie painting - barbecues perhaps must speak of times Dads spent with their Dads - camping, hunting, fishing - and, back to long, long ago, when the tribe worked together to hunt, prepare the meal, and eat - everyone taken care of.

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 4:09 PM EDT
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Monday, 12 July 2010
Pasquale James Maglione - "Mr. Mag" - beloved 6th grade teacher at Edgemont School, Montclair NJ - R.I.P.
Topic: Life

Mr. Mag (Maglione), one of our 6th grade teachers at Edgemont in Montclair, NJ, passed away July 8, 2010, in South Carolina. He had a way with knowing how to use humor to get our cooperation. Whether he was our actual classroom teacher or not, he had a positive influence on all of us.

Further on you will find links to online obituary and guestbooks.

This was the 1961-62 6th grade class (high school grad class 1968). Link to download the high-res file is just below. Scroll down to see a few other 6th grade classes. If anyone has other 6th grade class pics from Edgemont to add to this, let me know. (My contact info is everywhere except here!)  photo - 6th grade, 1961 Edgemont Elementary school, Montclair NJ

Download Hi-res photo of 1961-62 6th grade class at Edgemont Elementary School, Montclair NJ; teachers Mr. Maglione & Mrs. Gildner

Visit comment thread to above photo on Facebook, (depending on various privacy settings).

1963 6th grade class, Edgemont Elementary School, Montclair NJ

photo - 6th grade, 1963 Edgemont Elementary school, Montclair NJ

6th grade class 1960 (H.S. grad class of '66) Edgemont Elementary school, Montclair NJ

photo - 6th grade, (H.S. grad class of '66) Edgemont Elementary school, Montclair NJ

Links to Pasquale James Maglione obituaries and guestbooks

Online obituary and guestbook at James A. McAlister Funeral Home.Not sure how long it stays up.

The Post & Courier site in Charleston, South Carolina has the obituary and a guestbook as well for a limited time.

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 2:23 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 12 July 2010 7:42 PM EDT
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Sunday, 6 June 2010
Nine Topics - My Recent Comments & Messages on Facebook
Topic: Life

Suggesting friends to connect for access to Stanley cup finals updates A friend of mine is in Italy needing updates on Stanley Cup finals. I sent you two a joint message to friend each other in hopes he could see your updates on the games.

I just sent a joint message to you and a friend who was at the game, in hopes you two might friend. I imagine he would continue posting about the games and you could get updates that way. Hope he sees the message.

Maybe you two can friend each other? B - P is in Italy wanting to know what is going on with Flyers game. (He lives in Philly) P - B just went to the Flyers game from NYC. ( for the Flyers?)

High school alumni with talent & reputation for fashion illustration Cam O'Grady was the person for all that 'fashion' art work then. I idolized her work, I think DF did too. We certainly learned from her. ..I ran into her in the Village years later c. 1977?- she was then a night club singer or chanteuse, and I think she just called herself 'Camille'. When I get to putting up some of those other '68 yearbook pics, I'll put up A and D's fashion/couple drawings. A, I think you signed alongside A's drawing. Perhaps that is the one you have!? How did you manage to hustle all these drawings and photos from everyone? Sounds like you would also be a good archivist/museum collector/historian.

Montclair High alumni of notoriety post from a friend: 

Did you know that Robert Lawson (born 1892) was an MHS graduate? I'm  just looking at a copy of The Curious Lobster's Island, which has  lovely illustrations by Marion Freeman Wakeman, and find on artnet.com > that she was born in Montclair in 1891, so perhaps they were friends!

Ferdinand the Bull - OK! I 'fess I don't know the other books. ..I was always so taken with the Cheaper by the Dozen & Belles on their Toes books by the Gilbreths and that here was the grandson going to high school when I was, that I never thought further than that. All sorts of connections pop up now it seems. I don't even think the Buzz Aldren thing meant as much to me as the Gilbreths!

Feedback re: request to take a promotional survey to help Thomaston Maine win a prize towards 4th of july funding.

Fantastic everyone - Thank you! ...and thanks for finding out more about the area D - I actually live in Rockland. I came here because of my wonderful memories summering here which led to a fantasy of coming here. I suspected it was just a fantasy ie. would not be what I imagined. In that respect I was right. Nevertheless, I learned it is a real good thing to act on a dream/fantasy . The good of it is in acting on it, not in whether or not it turns out to be what you expected. And now I'm here and unwilling to uproot again (for now)!

...Owls Head is named so for the shape of that section of land I think. There is a painting of Owls Head from long ago by Fitz Hugh Lane. http://www.fitz-hugh-lane.org/Owl's-Head,-Penobscot-Bay,-Maine- large.html Some of my own paintings of Owls Head are on my website under 'midcoast Maine towns collections' - (www.catinkacards.com).

J has a 'camp' near Tenants Harbor. Though we're both from Montclair/MHS, we connected on FB, because he mentioned Clark Island. "Clark Island?! You're right around the corner!".,,,We had a lovely visit/reunion here in Rockland. It is quite the amazing thing for everyone to be connecting with these younger times/older versions of our selves. What fun & magic.

J - saw N (from Clark Island) tonight at the Art Night. She seemed happy to not have the inn anymore. As you said, she is still helping out with it. She's also helping out at another business here in town.

Jo - you'll have to make a trip to Maine one of these summers! The Thomaston Cafe is still here and will surely be packed on the holiday.

Friend's 38th wedding anniversary Happy Anniversary - great to know there are people out there being happy together.

Fashion disapproval and fashion speak - between the generations c. 1968

Here we are talking about another time while the views of our parents came from yet another time that to them was as young and simultaneously present as not present as our old times are to us. (cannot say this properly - if we are finding ourselves as always kids, wasn't it the same for them. And that means that is endlessly going on....)

High school friends re: our gym teacher c. 1968

Hmm. I remember the feeling of what Mrs. H. said but not what she said. It always felt stressful somehow. Was she actually saying 'feel' or was that her pronounciation/accent for 'fall'

Re: meeting at Rockland Art Night, and where to make a fan page on Facebook

Hi K - I think it was you I told I'd find out where you set up a fan page... One place is - on any fan page, bottom of left hand column, there is a link - 'create a page/fan page'. Try that. There should be something similar on one of the sections in your 'account settings'. That is where you'd have to manage the page from once you set it up. You can't just move photos from your personal page to your fan page. You have to re-upload them. But you can update your fan page by cell phone or email. The other thing is that FB does not send notifications for activity on your fan page. You have to actively go in and check on it. Perhaps that is why they don't - to keep you on your toes and checking in. Fun to see you all tonight. 

Friend's Mom signed up to Facebook

That alone is huge! If she's open to it, she'll be able to learn. She's not resistant. Start writing easy tutorials and post them as notes. That's the only place to find things on FB it seems, and pics (links too I guess).


remote Posted by Catinka Knoth at 12:37 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 6 June 2010 1:02 AM EDT
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