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Friday, 30 April 2021
Twiggy, Sip & Sketch Session #54, 4/23/21

Twiggy, Sip & Sketch Session #54, 4/23/21

My drawings, as remembered in random order.


  1. bird with crazy long mustache - Asian tern 
  2. Twiggy in big floppy hat and no more short hair..
  3. ....it's been a week. I'm not remembering anything! And I was not paying good enough attention..
  4. A phone cutting through 3 lemons
  5. Stack of panton chairs but not really stacked - moving through the air like calligraphy 
  6. Frida Kahlo photo
  7. ...Ugh I give up trying to remember
  8. Something that looked like a face, though it was not
  9. Gold gowned figure in an ornate roccoco (?) doorway 
  10. Mountain lake with house on a wharf 
The forgotten images:
cookies and milk
succulent plant 
 Sip & Sketch session #54, hosted by theater costume and set designers, Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, 

Thank you so much for making these sessions possible. 

They curate a set of images for each session. Participants draw each selection at varying 'pose' lengths - until the timer rings. Then most participants show their drawings briefly for a group screen shot in 'gallery ' view.





Posted by Catinka Knoth at 12:09 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 30 April 2021 1:57 PM EDT
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Friday, 12 March 2021
Testing blogpost

Uploading a drawing strip just so I can see how big the original file is. Drawings from zoom sketch session. These are the full size image. ...and as of now it's looking like this blog is the same to use as blogger, if not easier. Blogger is no longer easy to use....


Posted by Catinka Knoth at 12:26 PM EST
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Wednesday, 3 October 2018
Apples photos - my references for the apples lessons
Topic: Art Class

So long since posting here! If they will load here, you can use these apple bough photos which were the references we use for the yearly apples lesson. Whether drawing in color or painting with watercolor.


Apple bough photo by Catinka Knoth
apple bough photo by Catinka Knoth

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 12:40 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 October 2018 1:31 PM EDT
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Thursday, 31 August 2017
Comments and musings from my Facebook, 8/31/17
Topic: Life

On - Teachers ages class of 1970

I still feel I'm that age - or both ages. I wish we had known then that the teachers, or all our elders, are mostly all still kids as well. I have recently come to see that we get white hair, wrinkles, etc. just for indentification/role purposes! Simply like a theatre mask that shows what role you are playing on the stage of life.


I definitely feel that all ages simultaneously. ..I had no idea that B was that young though...well maybe I did but to me that was an old age - Haha. And the grown ups were not about to give it up - their position of 'power' that comes with being 'older'. Or maybe it is also because of what the generations went thru. We were allowed to be kids forever. They were not. Right into a huge war, as kids.

Can we morph this into a painting of butterflies ...soon winging their long distances...
Printable Swallowtail Butterfly watercolor notecard by Catinka Knoth, on Etsy



Fishing vessel (had had it confused with Laura B.) heading home past Marshall Pt. Light. I have been looking for my pic everywhere and just remembered it was my first upload to this album back in 2010! I also found in my online stuff my pic yes of the Laura B. also heading home to Port Clyde. Had needed these pics for class. We got what we needed for  class, but the source files remain locked up in my various dead computers. Good reason to disseminate. 


 Same reason seeds need to move away from home and a good case for loose borders. (Thank goodness for birds, and by extension smugglers?)



On surge in local traffic accidents this summer:

I'm wondering if it is pent up impatience of having to go thru those construction zones that have been seen this summer as mostly due to being done wrong the first time around. Makes people angrier and once out of there, off they roar🐯.


But not because of construction per say but because people are pissed at the reason for the construction. In one area it may be fine but the anger over one spot gets generalized to all of it. It also represents a lot of other government etc divisions and perceptions overall. 


Posted by Catinka Knoth at 11:17 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 2 September 2017 1:18 PM EDT
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Sunday, 16 April 2017
Happy Easter!

 ppoor blog - no wonder I had to give up on this. I can't get this picture in the proper orientation. What to do now?

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 4:35 PM EDT
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