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Tuesday, 24 January 2006
In Search of Lucas Samaras
Topic: Art
This evening I was visiting at the studio of Clarity, a couple of collaborative artists who teach and make art in the Lincoln Street Center for Arts and Education where I have a small classroom/studio. We were discussing art and teaching and something about our talk reminded me of the work of Lucas Samaras - yes, they had just started making jars of memories, like a book in a jar or a ship in a bottle. I said Samaras had made a wonderful series of boxes made of pins and colors. The Museum of Modern Art had had a show of these years ago, and a former drawing teacher from art school, Kim Levin, had written a book on him, his art... Clarity would check out Samaras.

I've since googled Samaras for my own curiosity and could find only a few images similar to the boxes I'd seen. I followed most all the links that Artcylopedia offered. It took quite a few tries before finding these pieces at the Tate Gallery, London. I did find a box made of pins at the National Gallery of Australia.

But before I found the good stuff on Samaras, I googled Levin. (I hadn't yet found the right search words for Samaras so I thought Levin would yield something.) Turns out she has been an art critic for the Village Voice in NYC for the past twenty years (I don't keep up on the art world) and has an installation? at the Feldman Gallery,NYC, Notes and Itineraries. Every week she has made the rounds of countless NYC galleries to compile her compact review listings and kept notes and itineraries of these visits on the gallery cards mailed to her. This ephemera of her travels around the NYC art scene is mounted on the walls of the gallery where one can trace her paths through the last twenty years of art's story in NYC galleries.

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 10:25 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 24 January 2006 11:49 PM EST
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Sunday, 25 December 2005
My Christmas Tree of 2004!
Topic: Seasonal/Holiday

This year I have not put up a Christmas tree. In recent years it seems I only really bask in a tree's atmosphere the night I put it up. Here in Maine, Christmas seems to be over with a bang at the end of Christmas Day. Many people have been dealing with Christmas rush so long that the moment the day is done, their tinsel comes down and the tree is out the door. (Not all folks, but enough that is is hard to feel the spirit in the air of the twelve days of Christmas, as much of the meaning of Christmas is that it is a shared feeling, a shared story, mystery.

Several years ago I decided to make an artificial Christmas tree from scratch. I wanted it to look a bit like those feather trees they used to make around the turn of the last century. I made my tree with coat hangers, green tinsel garland, and lights. About 3 feet high. I decorate it simply with some fancy ribbon and a series of paper angel ornaments I made years ago for another Christmas when I had no tree. These angels now come out every year rather than the huge box of wonderful ornaments that are sitting in the attic somewhere. I just have such a hard time putting things away that I'm not bringing those ornaments out anymore. The angels are simple enough to put up. Except this year. They too now may remain hidden. You can catch a glimpse of some of them here, as well as my homemade tree as it stood last year.

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 12:22 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 5 January 2006 3:14 AM EST
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Christmas Card and Poem - 2005

Rain becomes River, becomes Ocean,
	becomes Rain;

Seed becomes Tree, becomes Seed;
Egg becomes Chicken, becomes Egg;
Child becomes Man, becomes Child;

To Be, each part will hold Itself,
	and yet give way to Destiny.
The nature of the Ocean
	lies within the Drop,
The essence of the Tree
	within the Seed,
The truth of the Chicken
	in the Egg,
The spirit of the Man the Child.

Each IS the Other.
Within is without.
And Now we remember - 
	That the Peace we want without,
	Is born from within.

		Catinka Knoth
		Christmas - 2005

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 5 January 2006 2:34 AM EST
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Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Winter Cats to Color
Topic: Seasonal/Holiday

winter cats thumbnail
Click the links for the coloring pages:
Take Your Places
Cats Sledding or

More Coloring Pages - animals, birthday, get well 

remote Posted by Catinka Knoth at 1:02 AM EST
Updated: Friday, 12 January 2007 9:43 PM EST
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Saturday, 29 October 2005
More Halloween Stuff
Topic: Seasonal/Holiday

pumpkin paintingpumpkin and cat painting

I've had some Halloween fun ahead of time. These are samples I made this week for the group of homeschoolers I do an art class with. We did some exercises drawing spherical forms, then cross section views of pumpkins, and finally cat faces and a cat silhouette. Then I showed them these pictures. Can we do our own? Yes, by all means. You can do these if you want to, use them for use them for ideas or for reference, or not at all. What a range they came up wiTH: Jack-O-Lanterns on the bank of a pond - How do I make reflections? Oh, boy. Everything is opposite and a bit darker, with a bit of wiggly around the edges if there is any ripple in the water. Jack-O-Lanterns with cats and Halloween greetings. Pumpkins in the fields with lots of vines. A simple arrangement of large and small pumpkins. Pumpkins on a hill with vines. A jack-o-lantern in a moody landscape. A large jack-o-lantern like a mask. A small pumpkin - and then- how about making one for me, either a big one or a page with lots of little ones? I'll just make a big one. Oh thank you. A pumpkin in the grass vignette almost like botanical art. And finally three large pumpkins spread across the paper in bright orange with sturdy stems. I wish I had time to take pictures of their work. Words will have to do for now. I love to see the kids enter the world of the paper, just like any other play world - dolls, legos, cars, trains, mud!

Visit my Halloween Page! 

remote Posted by Catinka Knoth at 2:30 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 9 December 2006 5:39 PM EST
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