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Thursday, 26 April 2007
How to Create a Note Card Layout in Appleworks
Topic: Art
How to Create a Notecard Layout in Appleworks
2 up notecards on letter size page (8.5 x 11 page yields two 4.25 x 5.5 folding cards)

Open new 'drawing' document and
    format/ document/ set margins to '0'
    rulers - show rulers
    options/ turn autogrid off

Make temporary guidelines:
    select line tool from left hand menu (each time)
        make short vertical guide line at 4.25 inches along top ruler
        make short horizontal guide line at 5.5 inches along side ruler
        (These guidelines get erased later. They're just to help you position objects) You can finetune their position by using the arrow keys instead of mouse or touchpad.

Inscription or credit line on back of card:
    Create text box by selecting text icon
    select text style and size
    write your credit lines and info for the back of the card
    select/highlight the text you just wrote    
    format/ paragraph/ center/ apply/ ok
    click outside text box then click it as an object. It will have little box markers     around it. Now it can be moved around, copied.
    arrange/ free rotate/ grab with the little x and rotate clockwise so its vertical. Make sure it is straight!
    Position it with the arrow keys so it is close to the left side of the page, no closer than .25" from left side. Center it using up/down arrow keys between top edge of page and the 5.5" guideline.

Add image:

    Select selector arrow and general area you want to insert your picture (I'm not sure positioning actually works at this stage)
    file/ insert/ browse/ choose folder/ all available file types/ select image file/click insert button
    image will appear on the page in selected object mode (the tiny boxes around it)
    If it is too big: arrange/ scale by percent/ decide the percent you think it needs to be. Try it. If too small or to big, undo from edit, repeat process.
    Rotate image so that it's bottom is parallel to right side of page
    Center image using up/down arrows and guidelines

Duplicate image (while still selected)
    Edit/ duplicate
    move with mouse, touchpad or up/down arrows and position in bottom half of page just as you did with original image. You now also have the top image to line it up with.

Duplicate credit/inscription:  
    select it, duplicate (as you did with the image) and follow same process.

Finishing touches:

At some point you have saved and named this file. - I didn't do it til I got to this stage as I was so intent on writing these instructions. Do it if you haven't yet.
Print a test copy to see if things line up ok. You may get warned that margins are too small. Go ahead anyway if you're allowed. Make positioning adjustments as needed til you're satisfied with how things are positioned, ie you've seen how they print out. Then you can delete your guidelines and save your changes.

When that is all done go to file/ print and choose save as PDF. Be careful to choose where it saves to. It will want to save to the folder you were last in. Save it to where you can find it again. I think 'cwk' needs to come out of the file name. Make sure it is a legal file name for other systems - no empty spaces, characters such as extra periods other than the extension (not sure of all these details). Once it is a pdf you can put it on a disk and take it to Staples to print on card stock as a laser copy. They can't open appleworks files but they can open pdf files. However you have to check with them about the page set up specifications. This document has been set up with 0 margins. Their printer specs/set-up have to match your pdf file specs/printer set-up. You want it to print the way you have it set up.

Posted by Catinka Knoth at 10:36 PM EDT
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